Learning From Others

In my last blog post I talked about how important visiting other courses can be to a superintendent.  I wanted to elaborate some on that and discuss how my experiences have influenced this opinion. When I visit another course it is always with the mindset of wanting to learning from the success of others.  This … Continue reading Learning From Others

The Importance of Record Keeping

As a superintendent it is important to keep records in many areas throughout the maintenance department in order to gather and maintain data for historical reasons, identify trends, and make informed decisions.  Some of these more important records include inventories, preventative maintenance logs, application (pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, etc) logs, water quality reports, water usage reports, … Continue reading The Importance of Record Keeping

Combining Art & Strategy

Today I read a magnificent article written by Anthony Williams, CGCS at Four Seasons Resort Club Dallas at Los Colinas in Irving, TX. He examines the teachings of ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu and how they relate to growing grass, and people, in the golf industry. He takes seven quotes from Tzu and relates them … Continue reading Combining Art & Strategy