A Perfect Storm

  Aerification is one of the biggest undertakings on a golf course.  We complete this project three times a year to keep the course in optimum condition. Our most recent aerification project was one of those times when the stars align and everything comes together for a smooth and efficient execution. This success is mainly … Continue reading A Perfect Storm

Visiting Argentina

This past week I was very blessed to be able to take a 5 day trip to Argentina with my son, Jorge. We were graciously hosted by my friend Rafael Maratea.  I am never one to miss an opportunity to promote the game of golf and leadership, so this trip was a wonderful opportunity to … Continue reading Visiting Argentina


Imagination is the key to innovation. Our world is fast paced and constantly changing. Yesterday’s knowledge alone is not enough for continued success. Imagination is essential for anyone, especially for leaders, who not only have to lead people into the future but have to foresee the challenges not yet known.  Some may hear the word imagination … Continue reading Imagination


Creativity is a somewhat abstract concept that has immense value in both life and business.  It’s the ability to allow your intelligence to have fun. We are living in a fast paced world where when creativity and innovation are almost necessities. Creativity involves the ability to identify patterns, make connections, perceive situations in new ways … Continue reading Creativity